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MaxiIM IMKPA is a Key Programming Adapter Kit, compatible with the XP400Pro Key & Chip Programmer. Includes 12 adapters for the XP400Pro that enable Read/Write/Erase for Mercedes Benz ESL_W209 / W906 Data, Mercedes Benz NEC Key Learning, BMW EWS3 Key Learning and. Volkswagen/AUDI/BMW/Benz Key Unlock. Compatible with the IM608 and IM508 with XP400Pro. Key Programming Adapter Kit compatible with XP400Pro

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MaxiIM IMKPA Key Programming Adapter Kit for XP400Pro Key & Chip Programmer

Enhance the capabilities of your XP400Pro Key & Chip Programmer with the IMKPA Key Programming Adapter Kit. This comprehensive kit includes 12 adapters designed to empower your programming tasks, providing advanced functionalities for various key programming needs. Unlock new possibilities with the IMKPA kit, compatible with the IM608 and IM508 with XP400Pro.

MaxiIM IMKPA Key Features:

  1. MaxiIM IMKPA Versatile Compatibility: The IMKPA kit is specifically designed for use with the XP400Pro Key & Chip Programmer, expanding its compatibility and enabling advanced key programming tasks.
  2. Mercedes Benz ESL_W209 / W906 Data: Enable Read/Write/Erase functions for Mercedes Benz ESL_W209 / W906 Data, ensuring seamless programming for these specific models.
  3. Mercedes Benz NEC Key Learning: Facilitate key learning for Mercedes Benz NEC keys, enhancing your programming capabilities for a wide range of Mercedes Benz vehicles.
  4. BMW EWS3 Key Learning: Achieve efficient key learning for BMW EWS3, streamlining the programming process for BMW models equipped with this system.
  5. Volkswagen/AUDI/BMW/Benz Key Unlock: Unlock new possibilities with the ability to program keys for Volkswagen, AUDI, BMW, and Benz vehicles, expanding your coverage across popular automotive brands.
  6. Enhanced Programming Capabilities: The IMKPA kit empowers you with advanced programming functionalities, ensuring a seamless and efficient key programming experience.
  7. XP400Pro Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with the XP400Pro Key & Chip Programmer, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  8. Compatibility with IM608 and IM508: The IMKPA kit is fully compatible with the IM608 and IM508 when used with the XP400Pro, offering flexibility in your choice of diagnostic tools.

Upgrade your key programming capabilities with the IMKPA Key Programming Adapter Kit. Whether you’re dealing with Mercedes Benz, BMW, or Volkswagen/AUDI/Benz, this kit provides the tools you need for Read/Write/Erase functions and key learning, ensuring a comprehensive solution for automotive professionals.

Note: For detailed usage instructions and compatibility guidelines, refer to the product manual included.

MaxiIM IMKPA Technical Support

OBD2World’s technical support offers expert assistance and guidance to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of our cutting-edge OBD-II diagnostic solutions. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to providing prompt and effective support, addressing any technical queries or challenges, and ensuring a smooth experience for our valued customers in the world of automotive diagnostics

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Dimensions 35 × 13 × 28 cm


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