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Zenith Z5, G-SCAN OBD Adaptor for Fuso/Mitsubishi

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Zenith Z5, G-SCAN OBD Adaptor for Fuso/Mitsubishi


The G-SCAN OBD Adaptor is a specialized connector designed for seamless integration with the G-SCAN diagnostic tool, specifically tailored for Fuso/Mitsubishi vehicles. This adaptor facilitates efficient communication between the G-SCAN scanner and the OBD system of Fuso/Mitsubishi vehicles, enabling comprehensive diagnostics and accurate fault code readings.

ZEnith z5 and g-scan  adaptor Key Features:

  1. Fuso/Mitsubishi Compatibility:
    • Exclusively designed to work with Fuso and Mitsubishi vehicles.
  2. Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities:
    • Enables the G-SCAN diagnostic tool to access and retrieve detailed information from the vehicle’s onboard computer.
    • Facilitates thorough diagnostics for precise issue identification.
  3. Effortless Connection:
    • Provides a secure and seamless connection between the G-SCAN tool and the OBD system of Fuso/Mitsubishi vehicles.
    • Streamlines the diagnostic process for automotive technicians.
  4. Reliable Performance:
    • Engineered to meet high-quality standards, ensuring durability and reliability during diagnostic procedures.
  5. Compatibility Verification:
    • Ensures compatibility with the G-SCAN diagnostic tool for a hassle-free diagnostic experience.

G-scan Applications:

  • Specifically designed for use with Fuso and Mitsubishi vehicles.
  • Suitable for automotive professionals, technicians, and workshops.


  • The G-SCAN OBD Adaptor is an essential accessory for maximizing the diagnostic capabilities of the G-SCAN tool on Fuso and Mitsubishi vehicle models.

For more information, please refer to the product documentation or contact authorized dealers.

zenith z5 Technical Support

OBD2World’s technical support offers expert assistance and guidance to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of our cutting-edge OBD-II diagnostic solutions. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to providing prompt and effective support, addressing any technical queries or challenges, and ensuring a smooth experience for our valued customers in the world of automotive diagnostics

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Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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Zenith Z5, G-SCAN OBD Adaptor for Fuso/Mitsubishi

Zenith Z5, G-SCAN OBD Adaptor for Fuso/Mitsubishi

40.00 $
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